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Setting up a website for your business is all well and good – but where do you go from there? According to Josh Guedalia of Two Tribes, many businesses go absolutely nowhere – wasting what could be one of their most lucrative sales engines.

“Many businesses set up a shopping cart on their sites, and leave it at that. But without the right positioning, messaging and customer service, many businesses find that they sell far less on their websites than they anticipated. We can help businesses increase their on-line sales by building a personalized plan, based on a process we have developed that we have found to be highly effective,” says Guedalia. It’s a lack of properly managing the sales cycle, that kills most online sales efforts – but with the services offered by Two Tribes, this is  the last thing Guedalia’s clients have to worry about.

There are many web site sales development outfits out there, but Two Tribes brings some unique skills – and unique benefits – to the client’s table. Most importantly, rather than only looking to increase traffic to the site, Two Tribes takes a holistic business view of the web as a way to drive sales. When working with a client, Two Tribes will first review the landscape – checking out what their customers are looking for when they surf to a client’s site, and whether the site meets those needs. Guedalia then surveys a client’s’ technical and business infrastructure to ensure that they are capable of handling web sales altogether (many business sites aren’t, says Guedalia), and reviews the methods clients use in order to attract customers – ensuring that the customers clients are aiming for are the right ones for their product.

Making sure the product messaging focuses on what people actually need and want rather than what the product does, is a major issue for many businesses selling over the web. “We recently worked with a company whose site was attracting a large amount of traffic, but wasn’t getting sales. After a review of their content and messaging, we discovered that when people got to the site, they got a lot of information about the many features of the product without seeing how it specifically helped them.” Guedalia helped the company reposition its message into customer specific solutions as well as giving the customer the support and education required during the sales cycle and this resulted in a significant increase in sales.

Guedalia sees online sales efforts as sort of a “funnel” – you try to nab as many relevant customers as possible to a business site, then use the various marketing and sales tools at your disposal to convert them into sales. It’s in this area that Two Tribes excels, Guedalia says. “We attract the customers to a site, then educate them as to the benefits of the product or service the site is selling, and work closely with them, both on and off-line to convert them to paying customers.” All the while, Guedalia and his staff are working with the client, honing the message and the methods, setting up what is essentially a customized sales program for each of their clients.

So far, so good – but it’s what comes next that is truly innovative. While building this customized on-line sales program for clients, Guedalia does not collect any fees upfront – or even at the end of the process. “Our service is performance based,” he says. “We don’t start making money until our client makes sales. We want results as much as our clients do, and we find this method of working is a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

It would be a gutsy move even during “normal” times; how much braver, and more difficult, must it be to do business in this way during the ongoing recession, when the small and midsize businesses Two Tribes seeks to work with are having trouble even keeping their doors open, because customers are too scared – or broke – to buy.

But recession or not, Guedalia’s magic has been having an effect. “We applied our methodology to a well known software company that had a good offline sales history – but had never managed to succeed at online sales, despite having a website and an online sales infrastructure. After working with them, we were able to help them increase their online sales by 300% over a six month period.” And that during a recession! Guedalia hopes to repeat the same success with Two Tribes’ newest client, Business Financial Planner.

The fact that Guedalia doesn’t charge up front means that there are probably many businesses that would want to use his services – but of course Two Tribes can’t work with all comers, due to its own limited resources. As such, Guedalia can be picky about the company he keeps – and the companies he works with. “Our ideal client is one who appreciates the need for change and is open to new ideas and innovations. By helping a client look at their company’s online sales efforts using our methods, we’re able to give clients a ‘bird’s eye view’ on their business, their competition, and the field they’re working with in general. By leveraging that information to the client’s advantage, we can hopefully help them increase sales by a large percentage.”

Guedalia has had a long history at internet startups, so he has a pretty good idea of how internet sales works. “Along the way I garnered some ideas about sales and marketing, especially how to effectively sell on the web. It’s been my dream for several years to be able to implement these ideas into actions, and now I’m able to do that with Two Tribes” – to the benefit of all his clients.

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