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Keeping it Smooth on Youtube

Cast Time specializes in "adaptive video," a method of displaying which ensures that your computer can successfully handle the video you're trying to watch – so you never have to wait for video to buffer. It makes 3D video watchable over the internet!

For the Love of a Logo

MyBrandz is building a social community around the brands consumers use, know, and love in their everyday lives - independent of the brand maker's influence or control. Just how much do people love their brandz? Enough to get the corporate logos of their favorite brands and products tattooed on their bodies!

The Credible Voice of Technology

He started working on the lightbulb in 1850, and by 1860 he already had a working device. In 1875, he came up with the idea of using carbonized thread instead …

Vidyatel’s ‘Fingerprinting’ System Keeps Video Uploads ‘Kosher’

On the surface, Israeli start-up Vidyatel’s mission is to prevent unauthorized use of copyrighted video content by people who don’t pay the copyright holder for the privilege of doing so. …