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Winning the Wedding Sweepstakes

As weddings become more expensive, young couples - and their families - go further into hock to finance them. How can families and couples with a million other expenses pay for a modern wedding - short of robbing a bank? Avi Blum of Win-Win Wedding has a better and safer way - join of his site's auctions, and win yourself a top-class wedding!

Keeping anti-Israel Hackers Off Our Web

As hackers seek to take down Israeli sites, it's just a matter of time before they attack one that really matters. With Otenti's unique OOBA system, however, hackers have far less opportunity to do their dirty work.

Staying Safe in the Big Bad World

Starcom Systems makes one of the most advanced tracking systems in the world - with applications for cars, merchandise, and even people. Using a combination of almost all communication protocols out there today, Starcom users can rest easy, knowing that their property or family members will get where they have to go safely.

Correlsense Connects the ‘Computer Dots’

For the first time, IT departments can trace the "dots" that lead to problems in their computer systems or networks, from the first click by a user on a PC, following the results of that click throughout the chain of servers, databases, and applications it goes through until an action takes place. Correlsense's patented SharePath system is the only one in the world that shows administrators how the IT dots connect!

Profiler1 Lets You Meet The Real You

Want to know about what makes you - or your spouse, co-worker, competitor, or anyone else - tick? Upload their photo to Profiler1, where experts will tell you everything you need to know, using the art/science of Personology. Profiler1 is the first web service in the world that gets you in touch with Personolgy experts, for a personality analysis many say is far more accurate than that provided by graphology.

Personalized Online Sales Help – For Those Without a Shekel to Spare

Setting up a website for your business is all well and good – but where do you go from there? According to Josh Guedalia of Two Tribes, many businesses go …

A Better Way to Do Lunch

Ordering lunch into the office should be fun, not a chore - and Bite2Eat has developed a system that lets you enjoy your lunch, without the hassle. By enhancing the lunch experience, Bite2Eat may just make for happier, more productive workers – and give a boost to the restaurant industry as well, with eating establishments getting a new, low-cost way to market themselves and pick up business.

Brave New World for Kids

Posted in gaming, on Nov 2, 2008 by David Shamah
Most parents want their kids to build computer skills, even at young ages. But it’s a package deal; with computer you get internet, and there are too many sites out …

Theory and Practice of Internet Shopping

Posted in gaming, on Sep 7, 2008 by David Shamah
It’s all about choice and convenience when you go shopping on the internet. Or, it’s supposed to be, at least. That was the theory behind sites like Amazon.com; giving consumers …