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Israel’s Game Boys

When it comes to software/hardware technology, internet content, networking, firewalls – just about any hi-tech area, in fact – Israeli companies are among the industry leaders, if not the leaders. …

Play4Skill Dominates the Online Domino Scene

Posted in gaming, on Jun 14, 2009 by David Shamah
Play4Skill's 'Domino Theory' Has Turned the Company's Dominoes Stars Site into the top domino site online. While massive multiplayer online games, like World of Warcraft, get most of the attention online, there is a large contingent of web surfers who respect tradition, who prefer to do their gaming the “old fashioned” way; playing games like – dominoes! And for them, Israel's Play4Skill has developed the Dominoes Stars site, which brings the venerable pastime on-line, allowing users to find domino buddies to play with from around the world.

Cooking Up a Storm on the Small Screen, in 3D

Posted in gaming, on Jan 4, 2008 by David Shamah
I know a guy who likes to cook. Or, rather, liked to cook (past tense). Until he got married, of course. You see, his wife won’t let him near the …