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Moving Beyond the Startup Nation

‘Tis the season for tech shows in Israel. Last week there was the ILSI-BioMed show, and this Wednesday and Thursday there’s the High Tech Industry Association Annual Conference 2011 (not …

Israel’s Show of Shows

Two recent exhibitions - the High-Tech Industry Association Conference, and the Israel Life Sciences Industry BioMed show - portrayed Israel's great contributions to making the world a better place, and the progress yet to come.

The Network’s the Thing

In uncertain economic times, companies seek a safe business haven. And today, that haven is the U.S. government, which wants to help revive the economy by stimulating it. So how can Israeli companies get a piece of that action? What they really need is a friend to guide them along the path to contract success - and they may just find that friend in Beth Cohen

Multinational R&D Centers as Startups

Posted in r & d, on May 3, 2009 by David Shamah
Like a startup, an R&D center is expected to be innovative, flexible, and to generate new investments for its owners, which essentially acts as a combined VC fund and angel for the R&D "startup." And that's how Avraham Credi, Director of the local Motorola Design Center and a Vice President of Motorola Israel, sees it.

Hi-Tech Drill Sergeants

You may have a fantastic idea, an excellent product, and a valid business plan - but investors are in no mood for "wow" factors today. The most important question during normal times has become the only question now - what's the bottom line? If you can answer that question you have a fighting chance of getting some VC or angel money. And that's what "Bootcamp" is all about.