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Moving Beyond the Startup Nation

‘Tis the season for tech shows in Israel. Last week there was the ILSI-BioMed show, and this Wednesday and Thursday there’s the High Tech Industry Association Annual Conference 2011 (not …

Hi-Tech Hasbara

Israel dedicates large amounts of time, money and energy explaining its political positions to an often-hostile world. Perhaps it would be more effective if Israel explained to skeptics just how much the hi-tech innovation that the country has been responsible for has helped the world.

Oversi’s Internet: Neutral, and Democratic

Posted in gaming, on Oct 26, 2010 by David Shamah
There's no need to "tier" the internet between higher and lower paying customers, as a certain search engine giant and a certain communications company want to do. Israel's Oversi can ensure that there are enough internet resources to go around for everyone.

Tikal Protects Us from Security Breaches – and Scandal

While many folks are savvy enough to protect their computers and networks from hackers, they often neglect a far greater security risk - their cellphones, which are open to hacking and eavesdropping without protection. Israeli startup Tikal Networks helps keep your secrets a secret with its Cryptone cellphone security system.

Israel’s Show of Shows

Two recent exhibitions - the High-Tech Industry Association Conference, and the Israel Life Sciences Industry BioMed show - portrayed Israel's great contributions to making the world a better place, and the progress yet to come.

Keeping Your Burger -and You – Safe

Posted in safety, on Oct 8, 2009 by David Shamah
Thousands of people get sick with food poisoning each year, resulting in lost workdays, hospital stays, or, in some cases, long-term illness or even death. And even in cases where food is supposedly safe, it may still contain debilitating bacteria that, for all the government's best intentions, still gets through to wreak havoc among the public. All that could change, though, thanks to a new innovation by Israeli startup MS-Tech, which has developed a new "electronic nose" that can sniff out e.Coli and other bad stuff.

The Network’s the Thing

In uncertain economic times, companies seek a safe business haven. And today, that haven is the U.S. government, which wants to help revive the economy by stimulating it. So how can Israeli companies get a piece of that action? What they really need is a friend to guide them along the path to contract success - and they may just find that friend in Beth Cohen

Play4Skill Dominates the Online Domino Scene

Posted in gaming, on Jun 14, 2009 by David Shamah
Play4Skill's 'Domino Theory' Has Turned the Company's Dominoes Stars Site into the top domino site online. While massive multiplayer online games, like World of Warcraft, get most of the attention online, there is a large contingent of web surfers who respect tradition, who prefer to do their gaming the “old fashioned” way; playing games like – dominoes! And for them, Israel's Play4Skill has developed the Dominoes Stars site, which brings the venerable pastime on-line, allowing users to find domino buddies to play with from around the world.

A Better Way to Do Lunch

Ordering lunch into the office should be fun, not a chore - and Bite2Eat has developed a system that lets you enjoy your lunch, without the hassle. By enhancing the lunch experience, Bite2Eat may just make for happier, more productive workers – and give a boost to the restaurant industry as well, with eating establishments getting a new, low-cost way to market themselves and pick up business.

Saving the Universe, One Alien at a Time

Posted in gaming, on Apr 5, 2009 by David Shamah
Maybe it’s the recession – but for some reason, care and compassion seem to be back in vogue. Just a short time ago, Donald Trump was considered a top role …