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Making a Monkey Out of Kids, Worldwide

You may not know it, but Israel is the birthplace of one of the cartoon world's up and coming stars – Monkey, a fun friend who will have your kids singing, dancing, and learning. And it's all thanks to Yuval Levy, Smartoonz CEO and inventor, who came up with the cute characters on "Monkey See, Monkey Do," now being seen by kids all over the world.

Oversi’s Internet: Neutral, and Democratic

Posted in gaming, on Oct 26, 2010 by David Shamah
There's no need to "tier" the internet between higher and lower paying customers, as a certain search engine giant and a certain communications company want to do. Israel's Oversi can ensure that there are enough internet resources to go around for everyone.

Hi-Tech Reality Show Giving Out $250K!

The winner of the Exit '09 hi-tech innovation contest gets a fantastic package of services worth $250,000! The startup chosen by fans and judges gets $100,000 in cash, and a package of services provided by some of the top companies in Israel worth $150,000.

Vidyatel’s ‘Fingerprinting’ System Keeps Video Uploads ‘Kosher’

On the surface, Israeli start-up Vidyatel’s mission is to prevent unauthorized use of copyrighted video content by people who don’t pay the copyright holder for the privilege of doing so. …

Cooking Up a Storm on the Small Screen, in 3D

Posted in gaming, on Jan 4, 2008 by David Shamah
I know a guy who likes to cook. Or, rather, liked to cook (past tense). Until he got married, of course. You see, his wife won’t let him near the …