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Making “Fast Food” Really Fast

Tapingo wants to enable fast-food fressers in Israel, and around the world, to get their breakfasts, lunches and dinners as quickly and efficiently as possible, without wasting an excess moment on the operation.

Saving Money, Pixel by Pixel

There's always a way to do it cheaper - and ingeniously taking advantage of a discrepancy between computer screens and printers, Israel's Preton is saving money for companies around the world.

Researchers, Startups Help Keep the Din Down

Besides being unhealthy, excessive noise makes it hard to work. Israeli researchers, led by Bar Ilan University, and a number of startups in the country are doing groundbreaking work in getting rid of the "static" and annoying noises that interfere with real communication - both over the internet, and in real life.

The Ultimate Startups

Who will invest in the ultimate startups – the places where the magic begins? Those entrepreneurs have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is in school. Companies like Rad Communications and Radware, who were once startups themselves, take the longer view and invest in the country's true “startups”: Elementary schools, high schools, and universities.

Israel’s Show of Shows

Two recent exhibitions - the High-Tech Industry Association Conference, and the Israel Life Sciences Industry BioMed show - portrayed Israel's great contributions to making the world a better place, and the progress yet to come.

A Call to Hi-Tech Duty

When the GSM Association – sponsors of next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – hands out awards, it splits the world into four regions, presenting top prizes to the …

Multinational R&D Centers as Startups

Posted in r & d, on May 3, 2009 by David Shamah
Like a startup, an R&D center is expected to be innovative, flexible, and to generate new investments for its owners, which essentially acts as a combined VC fund and angel for the R&D "startup." And that's how Avraham Credi, Director of the local Motorola Design Center and a Vice President of Motorola Israel, sees it.

Success, Risk, and Courage 2.0

Ginipic saves you that time, though; type your term into the program's search box, and Ginipic will scour Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Stockxpert, and of course Google Images, and present the results right there on your screen. You choose the one you want, and drag it into your document. Job done!