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Thanks to Israel, the Cloud Will Be Safer

Any company that’s not sold on “the Cloud” yet will be when they hear this: According to Eddie Resnick, CEO of Israeli startup Clouds ‘R Us, 85% of computing power …

Keeping Your Burger -and You – Safe

Posted in safety, on Oct 8, 2009 by David Shamah
Thousands of people get sick with food poisoning each year, resulting in lost workdays, hospital stays, or, in some cases, long-term illness or even death. And even in cases where food is supposedly safe, it may still contain debilitating bacteria that, for all the government's best intentions, still gets through to wreak havoc among the public. All that could change, though, thanks to a new innovation by Israeli startup MS-Tech, which has developed a new "electronic nose" that can sniff out e.Coli and other bad stuff.

Doing Something About the Weather

Dr. Barry Lynn of Weather-It-Is has a better way to predict the weather - and can pinpoint a forecast specifically for your neighborhood. Successful weather prediction is a function of two things, says Dr. Lynn - processing power, and an accurate forecasting model. And he's got both!