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How to Make $250,000 While ‘Temping’

Who says the day of the dot com millionaire is past? Penina First just won a $250,000 prize package in cash and services for coming up with the most innovative web startup idea this year - Day-Job, a service that will allow people who are looking for short-term help to connect with a large workforce of temps who need some quick cash, but don't want to make long-term job commitments.

Visual WebGui Reaches for the Cloud

Posted in cloud, on Sep 10, 2009 by David Shamah
If you think the cloud is slow, it isn't the cloud's fault, says Navot Peled of Israel's Gizmox. Gizmox's Visual WebGui, a brand new, built from the bottom up platform for web application development, will help make things run a lot more smoothly in the cloud.

Hi-Tech Reality Show Giving Out $250K!

The winner of the Exit '09 hi-tech innovation contest gets a fantastic package of services worth $250,000! The startup chosen by fans and judges gets $100,000 in cash, and a package of services provided by some of the top companies in Israel worth $150,000.