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Keeping it Smooth on Youtube

Cast Time specializes in "adaptive video," a method of displaying which ensures that your computer can successfully handle the video you're trying to watch – so you never have to wait for video to buffer. It makes 3D video watchable over the internet!

Oversi’s Internet: Neutral, and Democratic

Posted in gaming, on Oct 26, 2010 by David Shamah
There's no need to "tier" the internet between higher and lower paying customers, as a certain search engine giant and a certain communications company want to do. Israel's Oversi can ensure that there are enough internet resources to go around for everyone.

Mobixell Pioneers Technology for Cellphone Ads

Posted in gaming, on Jul 27, 2008 by David Shamah
Mobixell may be Israel’s biggest little secret in the country’s mobile phone industry, a pioneer in the newish cellphone advertising industry: The company recently celebrated the occasion of its 500 …