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Your Warranty of Success

WRNTY (a take off on the word “warranty”) provides the world's first hi-tech warranty service for independently owned (as well as mid-sized chain) retail establishments, automatically processing warranty information on products as they're purchased.

Keeping Clean, the Eco-Consciously Way

Ecobuilding, Israel's first environmentally-conscious commercial cleaning and maintenance company, believes you can keep homes and offices super-clean - in a super-safe, super-environmentally friendly way.

New Israeli Mouse Puts the Blind Online

Israel company Tactile World's new mouse, the Tactile Explorer, is the first major development to enhance computing for the blind in over two decades. Far cheaper and easier to use than existing solutions - with prices under $500 for the equipment and software, instead of the minimum $5,000 for current solutions - the Tactile Explorer will be able to put millions of blind people around the world online - and put them to work, as well.

EZ-Face Makes it Easy to Be Beautiful

Stores invest a great deal in their cosmetics department, because, among other reasons, they're a good deal for retailers; the markup is about 50 percent. You'll always find a helpful "fashion consultant" who will help you pick out the perfect makeup package. But those helpful cosmetic-counter ladies may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the EZ-Face system, with its "virtual mirror," that lets you see yourself as you could be.

Dusting Off the Digital Photo Album

Posted in gaming, on Oct 15, 2008 by David Shamah
The computer age has redefined products – and relationships. Technology has forced us to look at objects and devices we thought we knew through a whole new set of eyes. …