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The Revolution Will Not Be Printed

One days soon, says Ze'ev Shetach, CEO of Israel's Comsign, we'll be doing all our important business using e-documents. And thanks to technology the company is developing, our digital signatures will be ultra-secure.

Tikal Protects Us from Security Breaches – and Scandal

While many folks are savvy enough to protect their computers and networks from hackers, they often neglect a far greater security risk - their cellphones, which are open to hacking and eavesdropping without protection. Israeli startup Tikal Networks helps keep your secrets a secret with its Cryptone cellphone security system.

Keeping anti-Israel Hackers Off Our Web

As hackers seek to take down Israeli sites, it's just a matter of time before they attack one that really matters. With Otenti's unique OOBA system, however, hackers have far less opportunity to do their dirty work.

Thanks to Israel, the Cloud Will Be Safer

Any company that’s not sold on “the Cloud” yet will be when they hear this: According to Eddie Resnick, CEO of Israeli startup Clouds ‘R Us, 85% of computing power …

Eyes Only…

Israeli startup Covertix makes sure that only the "right people" - in the "right places" - get to read your sensitive documents. When a Covertix “self-protected file” gets distributed, you know who read it and where, and what they did with it. Thus, you get to keep an eye on your intellectual property even when it's in someone else's hands. Just like there are rules for network access, there are now rules for accessing documents, so you know that your information is being viewed by the people who are supposed to be seeing them, when they're supposed to be seeing them.

The Next Best Thing to Jack

There is an Israeli company that brings "24"-style intelligence gathering capabilities to the common non-TV security agency. With its "semantic web technology," Rosh Ha'ayin-based MindCite uses ontology - figuring out the relationship between words and concepts - to determine how people, things, and situations meet