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Can You Afford to “Stay in Touch?”

Posted in gaming, on Jul 26, 2011 by David Shamah
A vacation these days isn’t what it used to be. Once upon a time, when you went off to get away from it all, you got away from it all …

1-800-Dial My Name

Israel's NTTM enables anyone to have a 'name number,' allowing others to dial them by choosing a letter, rather than a number, combination. What's more, the system is virtually unlimited, allowing anyone to adopt any user name they want, with spaces or symbols between the first and last name.

Saving Money for the Busy (and Lazy)

Old technologies can survive in a new world; they just have to learn to adapt. The experience of Israel's Focus Telecom shows that "traditional" landline and cellphone companies can survive in a world of IP telephony - to the benefit of their customers, and themselves!

Staying Safe in the Big Bad World

Starcom Systems makes one of the most advanced tracking systems in the world - with applications for cars, merchandise, and even people. Using a combination of almost all communication protocols out there today, Starcom users can rest easy, knowing that their property or family members will get where they have to go safely.

The Picturesque SMS

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is an icon on a cellphone that saves you the trouble of having to tap out words on tiny keyboards worth? For kids who are looking to express themselves creatively, as well as adults who want to save time and effort sending SMS messages, those icons are priceless; and as a result, Israeli startup Zlango's SMS icon service has captured the imagination - and loyalty – of users in Europe, the Carribean – and now the Far East.

How to Make $250,000 While ‘Temping’

Who says the day of the dot com millionaire is past? Penina First just won a $250,000 prize package in cash and services for coming up with the most innovative web startup idea this year - Day-Job, a service that will allow people who are looking for short-term help to connect with a large workforce of temps who need some quick cash, but don't want to make long-term job commitments.

eBiz Mobility: Banking on the Unbanked

Posted in gaming, on Jun 28, 2009 by David Shamah
Ebiz mobility has developed a payment clearing system that enables merchants to feel secure that they will get paid, without having to pay expensive premiums to billing service providers; it enables sites or cellphone service providers to grab a piece of the business that passes through their network; and it allows hundreds of millions of web surfers who would otherwise be locked out of internet commerce the opportunity to purchase digital contents and products.

Surfing the Fancy Sites, With Infogin

Cellphone and Internet engineers have been facing a major dilemma in recent years – reminiscent of another dilemma faced in an earlier era by peanut butter and chocolate engineers: How …

Free Speech

If you can watch content for free on TV, and listen to content for free on the radio, why can’t you talk content for free on the phone? For some …

Larotec Goes on Remote Patrol

If you run say, a public utility like the gas company with gas valves all over town, how do you keep track of them? Get a lot of eyes, that’s …