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The Picturesque SMS

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is an icon on a cellphone that saves you the trouble of having to tap out words on tiny keyboards worth? For kids who are looking to express themselves creatively, as well as adults who want to save time and effort sending SMS messages, those icons are priceless; and as a result, Israeli startup Zlango's SMS icon service has captured the imagination - and loyalty – of users in Europe, the Carribean – and now the Far East.

Surfing the Fancy Sites, With Infogin

Cellphone and Internet engineers have been facing a major dilemma in recent years – reminiscent of another dilemma faced in an earlier era by peanut butter and chocolate engineers: How …

Mobixell Pioneers Technology for Cellphone Ads

Posted in gaming, on Jul 27, 2008 by David Shamah
Mobixell may be Israel’s biggest little secret in the country’s mobile phone industry, a pioneer in the newish cellphone advertising industry: The company recently celebrated the occasion of its 500 …