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Capitalist Tool

Israel's Picscout counters the growing trend of "internet socialism," where everything belongs to everyone. Creative photographers have rights too - and Picscout makes sure that they are able to hold on to those rights

Keeping anti-Israel Hackers Off Our Web

As hackers seek to take down Israeli sites, it's just a matter of time before they attack one that really matters. With Otenti's unique OOBA system, however, hackers have far less opportunity to do their dirty work.

A Startup for the Little Guy

There’s gold in that thar ‘web, or so they say. But where exactly? In the immortal words of Homer Simpson (episode 5F11 – look it up!), “Everybody’s getting rich off …

For the Love of a Logo

MyBrandz is building a social community around the brands consumers use, know, and love in their everyday lives - independent of the brand maker's influence or control. Just how much do people love their brandz? Enough to get the corporate logos of their favorite brands and products tattooed on their bodies!

Modernizing (e)Mail

WiseStamp is the first application that lets you use your email communications as a marketing tool for your online presence. Using WiseStamp's streaming tools for social networking services like Twitter and Facebook, blogs, or one of nearly 50 other online services, WiseStamp's embedded signatures for Gmail and other web mal services let you drive more traffic to your site or brand - or just let you share information with your friends, painlessly and elegantly!

How to Make $250,000 While ‘Temping’

Who says the day of the dot com millionaire is past? Penina First just won a $250,000 prize package in cash and services for coming up with the most innovative web startup idea this year - Day-Job, a service that will allow people who are looking for short-term help to connect with a large workforce of temps who need some quick cash, but don't want to make long-term job commitments.

With Blessings from Google

There are many things one could say about how Google has changed the world – but one of the most impressive is how they managed to turn the dictionary into …

Success, Risk, and Courage 2.0

Ginipic saves you that time, though; type your term into the program's search box, and Ginipic will scour Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Stockxpert, and of course Google Images, and present the results right there on your screen. You choose the one you want, and drag it into your document. Job done!

Vidyatel’s ‘Fingerprinting’ System Keeps Video Uploads ‘Kosher’

On the surface, Israeli start-up Vidyatel’s mission is to prevent unauthorized use of copyrighted video content by people who don’t pay the copyright holder for the privilege of doing so. …

Israeli Company Begins Pilot Nanosyntax Project

Posted in gaming, on Nov 30, 2008 by David Shamah
Most people who interact with computer technology are forced to slog through complicated instruction sets – in the form of line commands, menus or even, in the case of many …