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Your Warranty of Success

WRNTY (a take off on the word “warranty”) provides the world's first hi-tech warranty service for independently owned (as well as mid-sized chain) retail establishments, automatically processing warranty information on products as they're purchased.

Entrepreneurs Offer A Boost for Your Eco-Friendly Startup Idea

If you've got a great idea to help Israel's environment, and you want to get the attention of the people who can do something about making it a reality, the Eco Clip contest could be exactly what you're looking for!

Where Hi-Tech Startups Meet the Economy

Startups here are a dime a dozen – or, as they say in Israeli supermarkets, “two for one.” Meaning that anyone with a couple of bucks (or access to some …

The Picturesque SMS

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is an icon on a cellphone that saves you the trouble of having to tap out words on tiny keyboards worth? For kids who are looking to express themselves creatively, as well as adults who want to save time and effort sending SMS messages, those icons are priceless; and as a result, Israeli startup Zlango's SMS icon service has captured the imagination - and loyalty – of users in Europe, the Carribean – and now the Far East.

For the Love of a Logo

MyBrandz is building a social community around the brands consumers use, know, and love in their everyday lives - independent of the brand maker's influence or control. Just how much do people love their brandz? Enough to get the corporate logos of their favorite brands and products tattooed on their bodies!

Modernizing (e)Mail

WiseStamp is the first application that lets you use your email communications as a marketing tool for your online presence. Using WiseStamp's streaming tools for social networking services like Twitter and Facebook, blogs, or one of nearly 50 other online services, WiseStamp's embedded signatures for Gmail and other web mal services let you drive more traffic to your site or brand - or just let you share information with your friends, painlessly and elegantly!

Profiler1 Lets You Meet The Real You

Want to know about what makes you - or your spouse, co-worker, competitor, or anyone else - tick? Upload their photo to Profiler1, where experts will tell you everything you need to know, using the art/science of Personology. Profiler1 is the first web service in the world that gets you in touch with Personolgy experts, for a personality analysis many say is far more accurate than that provided by graphology.

The Credible Voice of Technology

He started working on the lightbulb in 1850, and by 1860 he already had a working device. In 1875, he came up with the idea of using carbonized thread instead …

Saving the Universe, One Alien at a Time

Posted in gaming, on Apr 5, 2009 by David Shamah
Maybe it’s the recession – but for some reason, care and compassion seem to be back in vogue. Just a short time ago, Donald Trump was considered a top role …

P2P, Under the Radar

Humans have a need to communicate; no man is an island, and all that sort of thing. Stick a person in a situation where he or she is isolated or …