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Saving Money for the Busy (and Lazy)

Old technologies can survive in a new world; they just have to learn to adapt. The experience of Israel's Focus Telecom shows that "traditional" landline and cellphone companies can survive in a world of IP telephony - to the benefit of their customers, and themselves!

Keeping Clean, the Eco-Consciously Way

Ecobuilding, Israel's first environmentally-conscious commercial cleaning and maintenance company, believes you can keep homes and offices super-clean - in a super-safe, super-environmentally friendly way.

The Network’s the Thing

In uncertain economic times, companies seek a safe business haven. And today, that haven is the U.S. government, which wants to help revive the economy by stimulating it. So how can Israeli companies get a piece of that action? What they really need is a friend to guide them along the path to contract success - and they may just find that friend in Beth Cohen

Eyes Only…

Israeli startup Covertix makes sure that only the "right people" - in the "right places" - get to read your sensitive documents. When a Covertix “self-protected file” gets distributed, you know who read it and where, and what they did with it. Thus, you get to keep an eye on your intellectual property even when it's in someone else's hands. Just like there are rules for network access, there are now rules for accessing documents, so you know that your information is being viewed by the people who are supposed to be seeing them, when they're supposed to be seeing them.

Israeli Company Brings a Patented Approach to the Business of IP

Posted in patents, on May 13, 2009 by David Shamah
Companies may go into hibernation, but the technology they developed lives - and Israel's ActiveLinks can help companies make sure their patented technology gets a new home. Activelinks represents sellers seeking the highest price for their patents, and ensures that the offering is positioned properly, to maximize its value to customers.

Hi-Tech Drill Sergeants

You may have a fantastic idea, an excellent product, and a valid business plan - but investors are in no mood for "wow" factors today. The most important question during normal times has become the only question now - what's the bottom line? If you can answer that question you have a fighting chance of getting some VC or angel money. And that's what "Bootcamp" is all about.