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Israeli Company Keeps “the Juice” Flowing – the Right Way

An Israeli startup called GridOn Systems is marketing a technology developed at Bar Ilan University to regulate electrical networks, preventing shorts and other problems – thus stabilizing the electrical grid, and protecting our refrigerators, washing machines, TV sets, computers, and any other item that gets plugged into the wall.

Small Nano-Science Applications Could Be Israel’s Next Big Hi-Tech Move

Posted in gaming, on Nov 9, 2010 by David Shamah
There's hi-tech, and then there's high level hi-tech – and on that level, you find Israel's fledgling nanotechnology industry. And, according to many experts, nanotech is Israel's next big hi-tech move.

Researchers, Startups Help Keep the Din Down

Besides being unhealthy, excessive noise makes it hard to work. Israeli researchers, led by Bar Ilan University, and a number of startups in the country are doing groundbreaking work in getting rid of the "static" and annoying noises that interfere with real communication - both over the internet, and in real life.