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Making a Monkey Out of Kids, Worldwide

You may not know it, but Israel is the birthplace of one of the cartoon world's up and coming stars – Monkey, a fun friend who will have your kids singing, dancing, and learning. And it's all thanks to Yuval Levy, Smartoonz CEO and inventor, who came up with the cute characters on "Monkey See, Monkey Do," now being seen by kids all over the world.

Where the Talmud and the Internet Meet

You usually wouldn't think of the internet and Talmud as a matching pair - but talented entrepreneur Benny Goldstein gets them to cooperate fully with each other with his the Animated Talmud, where viewers young and old can learn about the basics of the Talmud.

Dusting Off the Digital Photo Album

Posted in gaming, on Oct 15, 2008 by David Shamah
The computer age has redefined products – and relationships. Technology has forced us to look at objects and devices we thought we knew through a whole new set of eyes. …