Keyed In on Modern Technology

The phrase “door technology” is a bit oxymoronic – it’s just a door, isn’t it? But like everything else, hi-tech is doing wonders for doors – or more specifically, locks. …

Moving Beyond the Startup Nation

‘Tis the season for tech shows in Israel. Last week there was the ILSI-BioMed show, and this Wednesday and Thursday there’s the High Tech Industry Association Annual Conference 2011 (not …

Tobacco – the Newest Health Plant!

You usually don’t think of tobacco as being good for you – quite the opposite. But here’s a modern Israeli miracle; the plant that, in cigarette form, is responsible for …

The Heimishe Cellphone

How do you say “ringtone” in Yiddish? Until about a month ago, there was no definitive answer to that question. But now, thanks to Marc Seelenfreund, CEO of Tel Aviv-based Accel-Telecom, Yiddish speakers around the world can interface with their cell devices using the “momoloshen” - in a kosher, rabbinically-approved cellphone imported by Accel.

Making “Fast Food” Really Fast

Tapingo wants to enable fast-food fressers in Israel, and around the world, to get their breakfasts, lunches and dinners as quickly and efficiently as possible, without wasting an excess moment on the operation.

Your Hard Disk is Revolting!

Kaminario is on the leading edge of development of the Solid State Drive (SSD), a data storage unit that can be umpteen times faster than your usual mechanical drives. Eventually all laptops will feature SSD drives, with mechanical drives relegated to archiving and other back-office tasks.

CSI for Cows

An Israeli company has developed an application that empowers you, the consumer, when it comes to buying steak, burgers, or any other meat product. Bachtochem, one of Israel's leading food analysis firms, is working on building the world's largest database – of cattle DNA. The information in the database allows Bachtochem to trace the provenance of any piece of meat on supermarket shelves.

An Israeli Flag in the Cloud

You would think that it was discovered one day out of the blue a couple of years ago by Google and Amazon. Of course, you have to give those two giants their due; but the cloud, and SAAS, has many other important players – one of them being Israeli startup Clarizen. It may not be Amazon S3, but Clarizen has helped plant an Israeli flag up in the cloud – and the company is actually one of the more successful cloud companies out there.

Making a Monkey Out of Kids, Worldwide

You may not know it, but Israel is the birthplace of one of the cartoon world's up and coming stars – Monkey, a fun friend who will have your kids singing, dancing, and learning. And it's all thanks to Yuval Levy, Smartoonz CEO and inventor, who came up with the cute characters on "Monkey See, Monkey Do," now being seen by kids all over the world.

Hi-Tech Hasbara

Israel dedicates large amounts of time, money and energy explaining its political positions to an often-hostile world. Perhaps it would be more effective if Israel explained to skeptics just how much the hi-tech innovation that the country has been responsible for has helped the world.