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Of Mice and Cellphone Users

Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door. Build a better mouse, though, and you could rake in some serious cash! As devices go …

When the Blind Lead the Seeing to Solutions

The next time you call your local municipality’s local help and information center (“106” in popular parlance, referring to the municipality-sponsored phone number you dial for assistance in your town), …

Reining In Those Rascally Hackers

In the great showdown between the iPhone and Android smartphone devices, each side brings to the table its strengths – and weaknesses. In the case of Android devices, though, the …

The Heimishe Cellphone

How do you say “ringtone” in Yiddish? Until about a month ago, there was no definitive answer to that question. But now, thanks to Marc Seelenfreund, CEO of Tel Aviv-based Accel-Telecom, Yiddish speakers around the world can interface with their cell devices using the “momoloshen” - in a kosher, rabbinically-approved cellphone imported by Accel.

The 72,000 to 1 Ratio

Israel, with its 7.7 million population, has 107 companies representing it at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. That works out to one company per 72,000 Israelis. Not bad!

Hi-Tech Zionism in Action

Besides running a business, Nisim Nisimian, CEO of Eurotech, have probably done more to help Israel than half a dozen hack politicians. By being located in Rosh HaPina, in Israel's far north, and by having extensive trade ties with nearly every country in the Arab world, Eurotech helps advance two important principles of modern Zionism.

Tikal Protects Us from Security Breaches – and Scandal

While many folks are savvy enough to protect their computers and networks from hackers, they often neglect a far greater security risk - their cellphones, which are open to hacking and eavesdropping without protection. Israeli startup Tikal Networks helps keep your secrets a secret with its Cryptone cellphone security system.

Winning the Wedding Sweepstakes

As weddings become more expensive, young couples - and their families - go further into hock to finance them. How can families and couples with a million other expenses pay for a modern wedding - short of robbing a bank? Avi Blum of Win-Win Wedding has a better and safer way - join of his site's auctions, and win yourself a top-class wedding!

1-800-Dial My Name

Israel's NTTM enables anyone to have a 'name number,' allowing others to dial them by choosing a letter, rather than a number, combination. What's more, the system is virtually unlimited, allowing anyone to adopt any user name they want, with spaces or symbols between the first and last name.

Saving Money for the Busy (and Lazy)

Old technologies can survive in a new world; they just have to learn to adapt. The experience of Israel's Focus Telecom shows that "traditional" landline and cellphone companies can survive in a world of IP telephony - to the benefit of their customers, and themselves!