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Reining In Those Rascally Hackers

In the great showdown between the iPhone and Android smartphone devices, each side brings to the table its strengths – and weaknesses. In the case of Android devices, though, the …

Capitalist Tool

Israel's Picscout counters the growing trend of "internet socialism," where everything belongs to everyone. Creative photographers have rights too - and Picscout makes sure that they are able to hold on to those rights

Israeli Company Keeps “the Juice” Flowing – the Right Way

An Israeli startup called GridOn Systems is marketing a technology developed at Bar Ilan University to regulate electrical networks, preventing shorts and other problems – thus stabilizing the electrical grid, and protecting our refrigerators, washing machines, TV sets, computers, and any other item that gets plugged into the wall.

The Revolution Will Not Be Printed

One days soon, says Ze'ev Shetach, CEO of Israel's Comsign, we'll be doing all our important business using e-documents. And thanks to technology the company is developing, our digital signatures will be ultra-secure.

Tikal Protects Us from Security Breaches – and Scandal

While many folks are savvy enough to protect their computers and networks from hackers, they often neglect a far greater security risk - their cellphones, which are open to hacking and eavesdropping without protection. Israeli startup Tikal Networks helps keep your secrets a secret with its Cryptone cellphone security system.

Keeping anti-Israel Hackers Off Our Web

As hackers seek to take down Israeli sites, it's just a matter of time before they attack one that really matters. With Otenti's unique OOBA system, however, hackers have far less opportunity to do their dirty work.

Staying Safe in the Big Bad World

Starcom Systems makes one of the most advanced tracking systems in the world - with applications for cars, merchandise, and even people. Using a combination of almost all communication protocols out there today, Starcom users can rest easy, knowing that their property or family members will get where they have to go safely.

A Call to Hi-Tech Duty

When the GSM Association – sponsors of next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – hands out awards, it splits the world into four regions, presenting top prizes to the …

Modernizing (e)Mail

WiseStamp is the first application that lets you use your email communications as a marketing tool for your online presence. Using WiseStamp's streaming tools for social networking services like Twitter and Facebook, blogs, or one of nearly 50 other online services, WiseStamp's embedded signatures for Gmail and other web mal services let you drive more traffic to your site or brand - or just let you share information with your friends, painlessly and elegantly!

Thanks to Israel, the Cloud Will Be Safer

Any company that’s not sold on “the Cloud” yet will be when they hear this: According to Eddie Resnick, CEO of Israeli startup Clouds ‘R Us, 85% of computing power …