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The IV Police

You go to the hospital to get better, not to get sicker. Yet hospitals can be dangerous places. What happens, for example, if the doctor or nurse forgets to give …

CSI for Cows

An Israeli company has developed an application that empowers you, the consumer, when it comes to buying steak, burgers, or any other meat product. Bachtochem, one of Israel's leading food analysis firms, is working on building the world's largest database – of cattle DNA. The information in the database allows Bachtochem to trace the provenance of any piece of meat on supermarket shelves.

Israeli Company Keeps “the Juice” Flowing – the Right Way

An Israeli startup called GridOn Systems is marketing a technology developed at Bar Ilan University to regulate electrical networks, preventing shorts and other problems – thus stabilizing the electrical grid, and protecting our refrigerators, washing machines, TV sets, computers, and any other item that gets plugged into the wall.

Keeping Clean, the Eco-Consciously Way

Ecobuilding, Israel's first environmentally-conscious commercial cleaning and maintenance company, believes you can keep homes and offices super-clean - in a super-safe, super-environmentally friendly way.

Staying Safe in the Big Bad World

Starcom Systems makes one of the most advanced tracking systems in the world - with applications for cars, merchandise, and even people. Using a combination of almost all communication protocols out there today, Starcom users can rest easy, knowing that their property or family members will get where they have to go safely.

Modernizing (e)Mail

WiseStamp is the first application that lets you use your email communications as a marketing tool for your online presence. Using WiseStamp's streaming tools for social networking services like Twitter and Facebook, blogs, or one of nearly 50 other online services, WiseStamp's embedded signatures for Gmail and other web mal services let you drive more traffic to your site or brand - or just let you share information with your friends, painlessly and elegantly!

Keeping Your Burger -and You – Safe

Posted in safety, on Oct 8, 2009 by David Shamah
Thousands of people get sick with food poisoning each year, resulting in lost workdays, hospital stays, or, in some cases, long-term illness or even death. And even in cases where food is supposedly safe, it may still contain debilitating bacteria that, for all the government's best intentions, still gets through to wreak havoc among the public. All that could change, though, thanks to a new innovation by Israeli startup MS-Tech, which has developed a new "electronic nose" that can sniff out e.Coli and other bad stuff.

Israel’s Traffilog Keeps Accidents, and Fuel Costs, to a Minimum

Posted in safety, on Mar 7, 2009 by David Shamah
Traffilog believes that the best way to save gas - not to mention drivers' lives, as well as cut down on vehicle maintenance costs - is to keep as close an eye on vehicles, while they're out in the field. The Traffilog system features GPS, G sensors, and ECM systems that interface with the vehicles systems, reporting everything that happens back to an administrative server. From there, there, the information makes its way through filters and databases, analyzed for the relevant details needed by clients - who then get informed by e-mail, a Web interface, or SMS.