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Alternative Energy Smackdown!

In the area of renewable energy, it seems as if every silver lining has a cloud; solar energy, for example, is great when the sun is shining, but not too …

Making the Deserts Bloom – Phase II

Each day, there are more mouths to feed on earth – and less food to feed them with. Blame it on global warming, an impending ice age, the Mayan calendar, …

The IV Police

You go to the hospital to get better, not to get sicker. Yet hospitals can be dangerous places. What happens, for example, if the doctor or nurse forgets to give …

Keyed In on Modern Technology

The phrase “door technology” is a bit oxymoronic – it’s just a door, isn’t it? But like everything else, hi-tech is doing wonders for doors – or more specifically, locks. …

Tobacco – the Newest Health Plant!

You usually don’t think of tobacco as being good for you – quite the opposite. But here’s a modern Israeli miracle; the plant that, in cigarette form, is responsible for …

The Revolution Will Not Be Printed

One days soon, says Ze'ev Shetach, CEO of Israel's Comsign, we'll be doing all our important business using e-documents. And thanks to technology the company is developing, our digital signatures will be ultra-secure.

1-800-Dial My Name

Israel's NTTM enables anyone to have a 'name number,' allowing others to dial them by choosing a letter, rather than a number, combination. What's more, the system is virtually unlimited, allowing anyone to adopt any user name they want, with spaces or symbols between the first and last name.

Israel’s Show of Shows

Two recent exhibitions - the High-Tech Industry Association Conference, and the Israel Life Sciences Industry BioMed show - portrayed Israel's great contributions to making the world a better place, and the progress yet to come.

New Israeli Mouse Puts the Blind Online

Israel company Tactile World's new mouse, the Tactile Explorer, is the first major development to enhance computing for the blind in over two decades. Far cheaper and easier to use than existing solutions - with prices under $500 for the equipment and software, instead of the minimum $5,000 for current solutions - the Tactile Explorer will be able to put millions of blind people around the world online - and put them to work, as well.

Israeli Company Brings a Patented Approach to the Business of IP

Posted in patents, on May 13, 2009 by David Shamah
Companies may go into hibernation, but the technology they developed lives - and Israel's ActiveLinks can help companies make sure their patented technology gets a new home. Activelinks represents sellers seeking the highest price for their patents, and ensures that the offering is positioned properly, to maximize its value to customers.