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Saving Money, Pixel by Pixel

There's always a way to do it cheaper - and ingeniously taking advantage of a discrepancy between computer screens and printers, Israel's Preton is saving money for companies around the world.

The Ultimate Startups

Who will invest in the ultimate startups – the places where the magic begins? Those entrepreneurs have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is in school. Companies like Rad Communications and Radware, who were once startups themselves, take the longer view and invest in the country's true “startups”: Elementary schools, high schools, and universities.

Correlsense Connects the ‘Computer Dots’

For the first time, IT departments can trace the "dots" that lead to problems in their computer systems or networks, from the first click by a user on a PC, following the results of that click throughout the chain of servers, databases, and applications it goes through until an action takes place. Correlsense's patented SharePath system is the only one in the world that shows administrators how the IT dots connect!

P2P, Under the Radar

Humans have a need to communicate; no man is an island, and all that sort of thing. Stick a person in a situation where he or she is isolated or …