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Entrepreneurs Offer A Boost for Your Eco-Friendly Startup Idea

If you've got a great idea to help Israel's environment, and you want to get the attention of the people who can do something about making it a reality, the Eco Clip contest could be exactly what you're looking for!

Winning the Wedding Sweepstakes

As weddings become more expensive, young couples - and their families - go further into hock to finance them. How can families and couples with a million other expenses pay for a modern wedding - short of robbing a bank? Avi Blum of Win-Win Wedding has a better and safer way - join of his site's auctions, and win yourself a top-class wedding!

Where Hi-Tech Startups Meet the Economy

Startups here are a dime a dozen – or, as they say in Israeli supermarkets, “two for one.” Meaning that anyone with a couple of bucks (or access to some …

A Call to Hi-Tech Duty

When the GSM Association – sponsors of next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – hands out awards, it splits the world into four regions, presenting top prizes to the …

For the Love of a Logo

MyBrandz is building a social community around the brands consumers use, know, and love in their everyday lives - independent of the brand maker's influence or control. Just how much do people love their brandz? Enough to get the corporate logos of their favorite brands and products tattooed on their bodies!

Modernizing (e)Mail

WiseStamp is the first application that lets you use your email communications as a marketing tool for your online presence. Using WiseStamp's streaming tools for social networking services like Twitter and Facebook, blogs, or one of nearly 50 other online services, WiseStamp's embedded signatures for Gmail and other web mal services let you drive more traffic to your site or brand - or just let you share information with your friends, painlessly and elegantly!

How to Make $250,000 While ‘Temping’

Who says the day of the dot com millionaire is past? Penina First just won a $250,000 prize package in cash and services for coming up with the most innovative web startup idea this year - Day-Job, a service that will allow people who are looking for short-term help to connect with a large workforce of temps who need some quick cash, but don't want to make long-term job commitments.

Hi-Tech Reality Show Giving Out $250K!

The winner of the Exit '09 hi-tech innovation contest gets a fantastic package of services worth $250,000! The startup chosen by fans and judges gets $100,000 in cash, and a package of services provided by some of the top companies in Israel worth $150,000.